Black Rice Pudding
Enjoy this decadent rice pudding while enjoying the benefits from an amazing superfood- MRM Black Rice Powder. Black Rice Powder contains protein, fiber, and antioxidants taking this pudding from a treat to a healthy must-eat. The cocoa and cinnamon make this healthy dish seem like you're indulging and eating a dessert when this could be used as a great breakfast and healthy way to start your day.
30 Minutes


Maca Waffles with Vanilla Yogurt and Cherries

Once you try these waffles you will definitely want to tie the knot! Being married to these is a beautiful thing. They are packed with protein and tons of flavor.…
15 minutes
Frosty Nice Cream

Are you having ice cream cravings but don't want all the calories? Problem solved! This frosty and creamy dessert will satisfy your craving and won't have you feeling guilty like…
40 minutes
Turmeric Cod Fish Tacos

These turmeric and cod fish tacos are a perfect summer recipe, they're light enough so they don't weigh you down but substantial enough to fill you up and keep you…
20 Minutes
Red Beet & Tomato Purgatory Eggs

This dish is a household standard, and so amazing for breakfast. It is not normally made with red beet powder, but we're not normals here- so we added it because…
30 Minutes
Mixed Bean and Mesquite Spiced Chicken Tacos with Lime and Chili Dressing

These tacos are perfect for every taco Tuesday... or... well... any day, really! I mean, seriously, who doesn't love tacos? Anyway- not only are these tacos clean of any nasty…
30 minutes
St. Paddy’s Day Soup

Happy St. Paddy's day! If you are searching the internet for a green recipe to make then look no further. This simple and delicious recipe will surely please the crowd…
20 minutes
Matcha Green Tea & Coconut Latte

This Matcha Latte is amazing for a cozy morning jumpstart or an afternoon pick-me-up thanks to the energizing yet moderate amount of caffeine found naturally in the ground tea leaves.…
10 Minutes
Sesame & Sacha Inchi Seared Salmon

This salmon dish uses our Sacha Inchi Superfood powder offering not only a boost of protein, essential omega fatty acids, and vitamin E but an amazing peanut butter flavor as…
15 Minutes
Maca Root Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore made super healthy- all thanks to our Maca Superfood Powder! Did you know the maca root is an adaptogen? That means it has the power to adapt to…
1 Hour
Peach, Lucuma, and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

"Oh, no! Another smoothie bowl!" Said no one EVER! Smoothie bowls are amazing, no if's and's or but's about it- but this time, with the Lucuma powder? Delicious! Lucuma is…
5 Minutes
Chickpea, Cilantro, and Moringa Pesto Veggie Burgers

Pesto veggie burgers? Enough said! Moringa is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and happy. The flavor of the burgers are going to rock your world, and…
30 miuntes
Spirulina and Cocoa Energy Balls

These energy balls are SO. FREAKING. GOOD. Seriously- who would have thought that Spirulina could taste so delicious? Ok, well... we did- but still! You will love the orange zest…

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