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February 10, 2016
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6 Ways to Refocus on Your Goals

I can’t believe January is already over- 2016 is flying by! At the start of each month, I like to take a little time to think about what my goals are for the next 4 weeks, and reflect on the progress I’ve made towards goals I’ve already set.

This time of year, I feel it’s an especially good time to evaluate progress on my New Year’s Resolution. Oh yea…my New Year’s resolution…I forgot about that thing. If you’re like 33% of the American population, the end of January was the end of your participation in the “New Year, New Me” trend.

Studies also show 73% of people quit their resolutions before achieving their goal. This year, you won’t be one of them! Take a minute right now to reflect on how you’re doing. If you’re struggling to stay focused on your resolution, I’ve listed 6 tips below to help you refocus on your goal and make 2016 the year you build new habits toward a healthier and happier life!

1) Set the right goal- a SMART goal: Maybe you didn’t set yourself up for success to begin with, because your goal wasn’t clear, the timeline wasn’t distinct, or maybe it just wasn’t possible all together. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, and Time Oriented. If you declared your goal “to drop 50 pounds by February 1st,” that was specific, measurable, and time oriented, but it wasn’t realistic or action oriented. (How are you going to drop those 50lbs?). An example of a SMART goal in this case would be, “I am going to lose 8 pounds (specific and measurable) by February 1st (time oriented) by exercising 4 days a week and preparing meals full of whole foods (action oriented and realistic if started the first of the year).

2) Intention: Instead of thinking of your goal as just another New Year’s resolution, create a solid intention- a positive call to shift within yourself. Remember why you declared your resolution in the first place. Root the change in self-love, and back it with action.

3) Truly Resolve: To “resolve” means to find a solution to a problem. So, what problems are standing in your way now? Have you found you don’t have enough time to get your workouts done after work? Then try changing the structure to be circuit based, or lighten the weight so you need less of a rest period in between sets. Are you still being tempted by unhealthy food around the office? Instead of just prepping your lunch, make sure you have some healthy snacks around to turn to when unhealthy cravings strike. Don’t be complacent in your situation, if you’ve identified a roadblock, do what you can to resolve the situation!

4) Nothing Succeeds Like Success! Set small goals- either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly that get you closer to your ultimate goal. Consecutive goals allow continuous forward progress towards your final destination. Additionally, progressive victories keep you feeling motivated, which keep you energized in working towards your vision.

5) Reward Success:
If your resolution is to lose 20 pounds this year, in hopes that 15lbs will be gone by the time you go on your summer vacation, reward your successes along the way with desirable things that help you stay on track for your goal. For instance, if you reach your first milestone by the end of February, maybe you buy yourself a swimsuit for the trip. Then by April, if you’ve reached your second benchmark, maybe you treat yourself to a pedicure- for a little bit of pampering after all the hard work you’ve been doing!

6) Self Monitor: Trust me, no one is perfect in her effort towards success. The path to success is not a smooth road. With that being said, whenever you step off track from your progress, take some time to evaluate the where, why, who, when, and how involved in the situation, so you can attempt to avoid putting yourself in that same scenario again. Social and environmental cues can make or break you, so it’s important to be aware what triggers your behavior.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and can apply them into your daily life to reap a successful 2016! Do you have any tips that keep you motivated when you set new goals? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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