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June 13, 2017
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7 Tips to Get In Shape This Summer

Summer is JUST around the corner, ladies!! Who’s excited or has big plans? I know I will be busy with celebrating holidays, traveling around to visit family, and of course multiple visits to the beach!

It is time to get our fitness and nutrition on point so that we can not only look our best in our swimsuits and summer gear, but so we can feel our best, too. The best way to go about that is good ole’ fashioned exercise and mindful eating.

Here are tips to getting in shape for the summer:
1. Be real. Let’s be honest: you won’t drop 10lbs before summer starts, but you can shape up here and there just in time to rock that bikini. You must first get into a realistic mindset so that you are likely to keep from getting discouraged when you do not see overnight results. Good things always take time, but when you change your workouts and eating habits, you will be amazed when your arms look just a tad bit more toned or when those shorts fit just a bit more loose.
2. Step off the scale. The scale can do more harm than good-especially when you are only beginning your fitness journey. I hate the scale because it always seems to be an inaccurate representation of health. Try locking your scale up for an entire month and judge your progress based off photos of yourself and how your clothes start fitting. You will happier!
3. Stop skipping meals. People tend to mistake the idea of eating less for weightloss. This is only true for some people; however, most of the time, you do not need to eat less-simply eat better. Skipping meals can be detrimental to your fitness goals because your body will go into starvation or preservation mode. When it does this, it is trying to conserve energy so your body will actually hang onto every bit of fat to help it do just that. In turn, your metabolism slows dramatically and you may even end up gaining weight!
4. Take baby steps. Small changes add up to greater things. Swapping your soda, juice, or tea for water at lunch or taking the first 10 minutes of your day to go for a walk will eventually make an impact. If all else fails, it will slowly start helping you adapt to a healthier lifestyle! Big changes can be scary so take it one battle at a time.
5. Workout at home. I love working out at home because it is super convenient and I am less likely to come up with an excuse not to. Getting to a gym can be harder and easier to push aside due to having to find the time to travel and get there. Grab a pair of dumbbells from your local sports shop and start off lifting every morning or evening. All you need is 4-5 exercises a day! Challenge yourself to come up with a routine for each day and have fun.
6. Read your labels. When you go grocery shopping, make sure that you read the nutrition labels of the foods you purchase-they are put there for a reason! Know how many calories you are consuming and track how many grams of sugar you eat per day. If it helps, keep a food diary and you might be surprised at the outcome!
7. Snack throughout the day! I credit healthy snacking throughout the day for being perhaps the most important tool in my personal weightloss journey years ago. Snacking gets such a bad reputation, but it is honestly the best thing you can do for your goals-if you keep it healthy! Aim for 2-3 snacks per day (in between meals and one at bedtime if needed) and make sure each snack contains protein to help keep you full when you need it the most. I personally love using MRM’s Natural Whey Protein Powder because it fills me up while curbing my sweet tooth when I need it the most!


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