Sia Cooper
August 8, 2016
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Every workout has one thing in common: It has reps, sets, rest, and weight. Some workouts may differ from others in their acute variables (rest, set, reps, weight) and it can sometimes get a little confusing to understand WHY! Well, there is a reason to doing a specific number of each and it all had to do with your goals!

Sia Cooper
March 29, 2016
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When it comes to weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance, your metabolism is everything. It absolutely runs the show behind the curtains and is ultimately responsible for your successes… and your failures. Your metabolism is your body’s way of surviving when life gets tough. Think back in the day when cavemen had to liveaaa

Sia Cooper
March 3, 2016
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So, you wanna start eating “clean” eh? Well, you have come to the right place! However, before we begin, let me ask you this: what is your definition of clean, anyway? If I were to go around in a room filled with 20 people and ask them this very same question, I am sure allaaa

Sia Cooper
November 6, 2015
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Ladies, if you are not doing push-ups then you really should learn! Push-ups are an amazing way to build upper body strength while targeting large muscle groups.
Various muscles in the upper body work together during a push-up. The main muscles targeted are:
• Pectoralis major
• Deltoids
• Triceps brachii
• Serratus anterior
• Abdominal muscles
• Coracobrachialis

Sia Cooper
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It seems like yesterday when I was staring into my mirror daily and constantly pointing out what was wrong with me:
“My thighs are too fat.”
“I hate my jiggle.”
“I wish I were a size 0”
These are some of the thoughts that ran through my mind as I stood there critiquing my body. In my teens, I struggled with an eating disorder, but overcame it after almost a year of binging and purging. I did not like what I was doing to my body or my self esteem. I never felt beautiful until I was skinny enough until I saw a certain number on the scale. Eventually, I moved past that, put some weight back on and just dealt with it.

Sia Cooper
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When it comes to working out, there are two ways to go about it:
1. The wrong way.
2. The right way.
Are you making any of these common mistakes and doing these moves totally wrong?

Sia Cooper
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Are you finding your pairs of jeans fitting a little more snug than usual? It could be because your glutes are growing from all that weight training you’ve been doing.. or it could be from an increase in overall weight gain. So, you start eating healthier, drinking more water, and even jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. One month later-still nothing. The damn scale won’t budge and your pants are tight as ever. What gives?



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