Tiffany Boydston
February 24, 2016
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The holidays have come and gone. New years goals are in full force – or are they? Getting back into your healthy life style might be harder then you thought. Time after time we have an indulgence meal… or 2. Many of us find it hard to get back on track after so much time being “off track.” Also, many feel like the have mentally and physically set their selves back a month. Well first off it takes 3500 calories to gain 1 lb. So if you gained 4 lbs. over night it’s just water retaining from the sodium and carbs. Unless you parked at McDonalds and ate there all day -then you may have a problem.

Tiffany Boydston
November 6, 2015
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I wanted to say what an honor it is to be a part of MRM. First – I will start off by introducing myself, and how I became introduced to MRM. My name is Tiffany Marie Boydston (now Vespo). I am an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor, health and wellness coach, certified life coach, crossfit Level 1 CFT, certified nutritionist and sports nutritionist. I specialize in internal and external health. I truly believe what you put in your body is the outcome of what your exterior will be.



Sia Cooper
MRM Admin

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