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March 7, 2018
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Benefits of Pre and Post Workout Supplements

You’ve seen them everywhere, but you’re still confused as to what the benefits of using a pre and post workout supplements are. We’re here to clear the air!

Will they make my workout better?
They sure can help! That’s the whole point of these products- to boost your energy, increase your focus, and aid in combating muscle fatigue so you can train to your heart’s desire. Not only that, but they help to repair and build muscle tissue after you’ve trained thereby supporting lean body goals and, in turn,  increased metabolism.

What is pre-workout? How can it help you?
Pre-workouts are typically a performance-enhancing workout supplement. They help to enhance athletic performance by increasing energy output. A pre-workout helps you to push harder during your training, ultimately resulting in you working your muscles more efficiently and thus increasing your metabolic rate helping to burn calories and build muscle.

*We’ve debunked a whole slew of pre-workout myths, check it out HERE.

While there are great benefits to using a pre-workout, you should use caution when selecting which pre-workout to take…

There are many popular pre-workouts on the market that promise to burn your fat and increase your energy like never before… and just like those “magic” diet and weight loss pills, those promises are not likely to come true unless you live an active and healthy lifestyle. Similar to food products, you should take the time to read nutrition facts panels and learn what it is you’re really ingesting. A lot of these popular supplements use very high amounts of caffeine along with large amounts of questionable stimulants and ingredients. If you’ve used one, you may have noticed a feeling of extreme energy and jitters to the point of being uncomfortable, a brutal caffeine crash, and maybe even felt nauseous and anxious. Unfortunately, the types of ingredients that cause these negative side effects are used by the majority of supplement bands. Finding products made with natural ingredients that don’t cause such adverse side effects can be difficult. That’s where MRM comes in…

Driven is MRM’s all natural pre-workout supplement, and the first pre-workout formula to be developed using pure ingredients including natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals! Like all of our products, Driven was developed by our team of dedicated scientists to support the body’s complex metabolic functions and to be safe for any adult to use on a daily basis- professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

When using Driven, you can expect an increase in energy, stamina, and endurance along with sharpened mental clarity and focus. The energy and focus combination helps you to work more efficiently, in turn promoting increases in strength and encouraging muscle growth. As always, our products are NEVER made with artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Driven is made with three potent blends targeted to support specific aspects of both mental and muscle fatigue due to exercising. It contains an array of B-Vitamins with electrolytes to replenish those that are commonly depleted during extensive physical activity.

The first blend is Defense&Hydration- it promotes improvements in hydration and antioxidant support by combating loss of water and the increased amount of exercise-induced damaging free-radicals. The pine bark extract in this blend can even help support blood flow and cardiovascular health.

The second blend is the Muscle Driven- it provides amino acids essential for increasing athletic performance, muscle recovery, and assists the body in building lean, explosive muscle mass… you know, the type of muscles and muscle endurance that make it possible to box jump 4 feet!

The third blend is the Focus/Energy Driven- it supports the mental aspects of working out, often something that many other pre-workouts overlook. This blend includes acetyl-L-carnitine, acetyl-L-tyrosine, schizandra extract, caffeine, and Peak ATP. This combination sharpens mental clarity and allows for laser-like focus on tasks while boosting energy levels during intensive training.

In short, unlike those muscle-clad gym hardo’s who promote supplements that use absurd amounts of unnatural chemicals that can cause your heart rate to skyrocket into oblivion, Driven is a safe and effective pre-workout that you can trust to fuel your body and mind, in balance, with natural ingredients.

You can grab some for yourself here!

What is post-workout? How can it help you?
Post workout supplements can take many forms, we’re going to focus on the most popular (besides protein), amino acids… more specifically branch chained amino acids (BCAAs).
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which are the building blocks of muscle. There are 20 amino acids that are found in the human genetic code, and they can be divided into two categories: essential and nonessential. Your body is able to create 11 out of those 20 amino acids, these are the non-essentials. Since your body can create a sufficient amount of these on its own, it is not considered necessary to get them through your diet. On the other hand, essential amino acids must be consumed from dietary sources in order to get an adequate supply as your body cannot make these.

The most important essential amino acids for building muscle are known as BCAAs- those famous branch chained amino acids that all fitness fanatics rave about. These three amigos are structurally different from other amino acids and make up around 33% of muscle tissue- “essential” is right! Their names are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

One of the major benefits of using post-workout is reduced muscle soreness! It helps aid in your bodies ability to recover from your training better so you can workout again sooner. Being able to recover quicker means not having to sacrifice a workout, you know “I’m still sore from Monday’s leg day workout!” Taking BCAA’s intra and post-workout inhibit the breakdown of muscles and protein in muscles, which is a major cause of soreness.

-Did you know?

BCAAs are great to sip on throughout the day between meals and in times of caloric deficit- like if you’re on a calorie restricted diet. This way, you can be sure your body and muscles are getting enough of these vital amino acids to maintain a healthy metabolic rate and discourage muscle wasting.

-Anotha One:

Sipping on BCAAs intra-workout (during your workout) is extremely popular as this way you’re continually supplying your body and muscles with the fuel they need to stay strong and powerful throughout intense training sessions.

Leucine is arguably the most important BCAA. Mounds of clinical evidence suggest that leucine actually helps your body to synthesize protein, which supports muscle synthesis. More muscle means more shape to our bodies, more strength, and higher metabolism.

Just like pre-workout supplements, it’s important to make sure the BCAAs that you use are of the highest quality and contain no added ingredients that don’t do anything help your body or the hard work you put into it.

MRM Reload BCAA+G is a ridiculously amazing post-workout supplement made for athletes and average Joe’s alike- it’s also vegan! It’s made with the correct ratio of BCAAs (Leucine: Valine: Isoleucine, 7:3:2) to support optimal muscle recovery. Along with these all-star amino acids, we’ve enhanced the formula with L-Glutamine, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, and Vitamin B6. Glutamine supports nitrogen balance throughout the body and is also known to help support a healthy digestive system. Glutamine is also a cell volumizer which stimulates the synthesis of proteins and glycogen while inhibiting protein degradation. CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine helps to buffer the pH balance in muscles and decrease fatigue while increasing total muscle workload. The entire formula is extremely soluble which enables maximum absorption that encourages greater nitrogen retention… that means your muscles will be able to build, grow, and repair versus atrophying. Vitamin B6 enables maximum absorption and encourages greater nitrogen retention.

In short, MRM Reload BCAA+G is the ultimate natural post-workout recovery drink. Even those who live a plant-based lifestyle can enjoy it because it’s completely vegan!

Most BCAA post-workout drink mixes contain collagen, a powdered form of animal leftovers from slaughterhouses, usually derived from either pork or beef. One spoonful of collagen can contain the leftovers of hundreds of different pigs or cows. BCAAs are also commonly derived from duck feathers. Our BCAAs are from a vegan fermented source- so you won’t find any of those powdered leftovers or feathers in our formula!

Our products are also free from fillers and simple carbs like maltodextrin, fructose, and sucrose. Although these ingredients are vegan, they’re simple carbohydrates that are unnecessary and considered cheap ingredients that make products taste really good and make the serving size seem more substantial as they increase the volume without increasing the nutrients. We take pride in NOT using fillers and additives such as these, while always striving to provide you with the cleanest ingredients and products possible.

Reload helps to support muscle recovery and by promoting increased strength, speed, and power while reducing fatigue and muscle soreness ultimately supporting lean body goals. As always, our products are never made with artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

You can grab some for yourself here!

Why should you use both?

Driven and Reload are made to work together- they’re pretty much the ultimate dream team. Pre-and Post-workouts are considered crucial by many health and fitness industry individuals as they’re a sure fire way you’re getting the support you need before, during, and after your training sessions.



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