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May 14, 2018
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“Diet” and your relationship with food

There’s a problem with the diet and weight loss industry… besides the fact that it’s so packed with people who know very little yet think they have all the answers. AND the obsession with being stick thin and equating that to self-worth.

Very few people offer education on weight loss, especially the diet side of it. I think that’s why the word “diet” has such negative connotations.

When you hear the word “diet” you instantly think of small, tasteless meals, and weeks of eating the same boring food. You probably think that’s the only way to lose weight and get skinny for a certain event of some sort. What a bummer… that’s sucks on so many levels. First, you can eat so many different and delicious foods that are crazy good for the body- you just need to do a little research. Second, you shouldn’t only worry about “slimming down” for a special occasion. If you eat right and maintain a consistent work out schedule you’ll feel and look so good you won’t need to diet… you’ll just always feel great and look great! A mindset has been created around the word diet for you… and it’s wrong. Forget that definition and the way you think you have to feel and be a when “on a diet”.

Really, diet just means the types of foods you eat. The term “going on a diet” means you’re only going to eat certain foods for a certain amount of time… I’ve never understood why people think they can just eat a certain way for a few months, lose a bunch of weight, then go back to eating what the want and think that the weight will stay off. What we eat and how our bodies look is directly related… obviously.

For years upon years, upon years, we’ve basically been spoon fed this idea that food is evil. Think about it- the industry is filled with people talking at us rather than with us. They begin by telling us that we only ever want “bad” food- all the indulgent cakes, pies, candy, heavy pasta, and pizzas, etc. and that this is the only way to be normal.

As if no one has ever bit into a fresh, crisp apple and enjoyed how freaking delicious it is…

Sometimes they’ll go on to mention how bland and boring vegetables are, typically showing someone trying to eat raw broccoli and looking really sad. I would be sad, too, if I only allowed myself to eat a raw head of broccoli.
Honestly, who actually does that?! Ridiculous.
Plus- that’s not even healthy… you would need to eat a truckload of broccoli to get enough protein, carbs, and fat.

There’s this narrative floating around as fact that fit, healthy people are crazy and only eat raw veggies and just suffer through hating the food they eat- and that it’s the only way to get the bodies they have! This is wrong and misleading on SO many levels…

Then, we’re told to only drink special shakes that taste like peanut butter fudge or raspberry cheesecake… we’re being told to eat something that gives us the illusion of eating unhealthy food… and that doing this will make us skinny and fit!

While that might seem all well and good, there’s a reason a lot of the people who join this type of “diet” regress and put all the weight back on:

You’re not learning to build a healthy relationship with real food.

You’re not learning how to create well balanced, and delicious meals.

You’re not learning why protein is important and where to find it in whole foods.

You’re not learning to appreciate your body and all it does for you.

You’re not learning why processed foods are terrible for your health.

You’re not learning how to incorporate those indulgent meals into a lifestyle you want to live.

You’re simply not learning.

How can you change your life to support your health goals if you’re not learning exactly how to do that?

Focusing on the “obsession” with unhealthy food and creating this “you can never eat this again” mentality sets you up for failure. Trying to make everything you eat taste like a chocolate brownie is setting you up for failure.

We’re made to fear unhealthy foods and try to shun them from our lives…but then we’re told to make all of the healthy replacement shakes that we “should be using” taste just like those bads foods we shouldn’t eat! How confusing for the mind is that?! (And honestly… most of those shakes are loaded with additives, fillers, and crap that just isn’t good for you anyway.)

We’re telling our brain to hate certain things, but then making the foods we should love taste like the bad foods… it’s bizarre. Our brains are amazing and can adapt really quickly- if we tell ourselves something over and over again, we eventually grow to believe it! But what the heck is your brain supposed to do with that mishmash of “it’s not good for me but wait I can make something healthy that tastes like it’s not good for me so that’s actually healthy for me” information?!

Nothing… your brain will learn nothing. If you look at it… essentially you’re just training yourself to crave more sweets and treats. When the day comes that you’ve run out of that fake healthy shake and you can’t find anything that tastes like candy but isn’t candy… you’re probably going to end up reaching for a candy bar. Why? Because you haven’t learned how to be healthy, enjoying the flavors of real healthy foods, or why you should want to be healthy… just that being thin is socially acceptable and so is only wanting to eat sweets and treats.

Right from the get-go, we’re hearing “Food is bad” over and over again. The fear of food is continuously being forced down our throats, yet there’s never any explanation about how to find healthy food you love! Everything is about hacks and tricks to eating something that tastes like candy… but never about why we need to eat certain foods!


Food fuels our bodies.

Food nurtures the mind.

Food heals us from the inside out.

Food is essential for life, and should be enjoyed!

Focus on learning how to love good food- real good food. Food that’s grown from the soil of the Earth, not made in a lab.

Now, don’t get me wrong! There is a time and place to eat desserts that you can enjoy with no guilt, and there’s a time and place for that sweet healthy replacement shakes, too. The problem is in trying to make everything you eat taste like treats.

Find different ways to season and cook your favorite vegetables and you’ll begin to feel so damn good you won’t want a stupid fake sugary shake. You won’t just feel good because of the physical response the body will make- slimming down and giving you that healthy glow- you’ll also feel good because the brain will feel good! Our bodies are made to thrive on real, healthy foods. So, when we eat them our brain sends us feel-good signals like “Hell yeah! Can you feel all the nutrients flowing through our veins? It’s amazing, we feel AMAZING!” When our brains and bodies are feeling good… I mean, is there anything better? The confidence, optimism, and love you feel for yourself are overwhelming and beautiful.

More people need to feel this… and all it takes is a few weeks of cleaning out the cupboards, exercising, and sticking to a healthier diet for life- not just 90 days.


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