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April 4, 2017
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Earth Day 2017

This year Earth Day falls on Saturday, April 22. You know what that means? We need to celebrate Mother Earth! While honoring and showing respect to our planet should be something we all practice every day it is easy to forget and fall into bad habits. Here are some ways you can help preserve the beauty that is Earth while celebrating National Earth Day.

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle, purchase foods that are not pre-packaged, and remember to recycle.
Plastic is forever, and not in a beautiful way like diamonds. Approximately 95% of all the plastic that has ever been made is still in existence today, sitting in landfills, polluting our oceans and lands, killing our animals- endangered or not- and being dumped on top of impoverished countries homes and cities. The US on it’s own consumes and average of 50 billion water bottles per year- it takes roughly 17 million gallons of gasoline to produce all of those bottles. Transporting these water bottles requires even more energy… and these are just water bottles! Think about all of the packaging made of plastic- plastic wrap, plastic containers for produce and foods, plastic is everywhere… and it’s time to lessen our use. Invest in a quality reusable water bottle, you’ll save money and the environment. Look for foods that are not packaged, as they tend to be truly fresh. When making purchases anywhere remember to use reusable shopping bags and reusable storage containers like glass jars and buy items from bulk bins such as beans, rice, coffee, nuts, etc. Recycle, recycle, recycle! If you HAVE to buy plastic anything remember to recycle it, it’s the least you can do.

2. Learn to Compost!
It’s really not that difficult, and you can do it on any scale you need. For those who have the space you can start a compost pile on your property, others can have a counter-top compost bin that locks out all smell- so no excuses! Composting is a great way to get rid of your raw food materials- you can even use some of the compost to provide your garden or balcony plants with fresh, nutrient dense soil- they’ll love it, and so will your planet!

3. Become more energy efficient.
Remember to turn off your lights, unplug your chargers when you’re not using them, and conserve water when ever possible. You can start to save more energy just by buying and replacing your lighting with energy efficient bulbs. Most US homes use more than their share of energy, certainly more than what is needed to live a comfortable lifestyle. Be conservative with the amount of energy you consume.

4. Build a birdhouse.
What is better than seeing beautiful birds hang out right outside your window? Providing them with a safe haven to enjoy some tasty treats! You can purchase a pre-made birdhouse, or you can build your own. Look for those that have bird feeders with them, or learn to make a bird feeder yourself.

5. Go Outside!
Take time out of your day to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and the sounds of nature. Let yourself be quiet and absorb the beauty that surrounds you- you can do this by simply sitting on a bench in a park and enjoying a picnic, enjoying the power of the ocean while surfing, going on a hike, meditating in your favorite outdoor spot, or planning an amazing camping trip. Whether you prefer the sound of the waves crashing on a beach, the dry heat and sand of the desert, a grassy plane, or tall Red Woods on top of a mountain, all nature is beautiful and deserves to be enjoyed and honored. Reconnect with nature, not only will you feel refreshed and more grounded but studies have shown that taking just a ten minute walk outside can reduce your stress levels by significant amounts and releases endorphins helping you to feel calm, happy, and invigorated. Go outside, enjoy our beautiful planet Earth, and remind yourself how lucky you are to live in a world where such natural beauty exists and supports our precious lives.


Happy Earth Day!


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