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February 7, 2018
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5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Hacks

Say it with me now, “Awwwwwww!”

Let’s break the rules! By rules, I’m referring to those ideas pushed by big brands and social media… you know… the people who make you feel like you’ve lost in life if you don’t get a giant teddy bear and pop a bottle of champagne on February 14th.

First things first: whether you celebrate with a loved one, with a group of friends, by yourself, or not at all know that everyone deserves love and happiness, ok? It’s not reserved for only those who happen to be coupled up. You can have a perfectly wonderful day filled with love whenever you so choose, on any day of the year.

On that note…

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and with that, we have some fun, healthy, delicious, and creative ideas for you!

Forget the generic box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, dinner and a movie, yadda-yadda… let’s take a page out of Apple’s book and “Think Different.”

  1. Protein Instead of Chocolates
    This is the perfect gift for your “swole mate”… or yourself! (Show yourself some love, amirite?) Protein shakes are often used by those keeping their nutrition in line as a way to curb their sweet tooth with the added benefit of, you guessed it, protein! There are options for all picky protein drinkers, too. You could gift them vegan protein, whey protein, or egg protein- there’s something for everyone. Grab yours here!

The gift of protein is the gift of health, and your fitness fanatic “other half” will seriously thank you for it!

2. Stay-cation Dinner Date
“Pick out your flyest threads and get your hair did- we’re staying in!”
There’s something so special about taking the time to create and share a homemade meal. No… we’re not talking the same boring (sorry, but no matter how great chicken and broccoli is, it’s boring after the 100th time) meal you make every night… make something different, something you would want to order if you were actually going out.

You can easily create the ambiance of a night out right in your own home- light some candles, set the table, dim the lights, and have your favorite tunes playing in the background. Not only will this make the evening special, but you’ll save a ton of money making your own meals and you can keep it as healthy or indulgent as you wish! Then, once dinner is over you can decide what to do next… watch a movie in your “jammies”, turn the volume up on your boom box and dance, go for a walk – let the evening inspire you!

Here are some great recipes you can easily make yourself at home, and bonus, they’re made with superfoods! Healthy, delicious, and romantic. Check!

Spaghetti and Meatballs for two? Get the recipe here!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about dessert… This protein pazookie is INSANE. Just make it and eat it, you can thank us later!

P.S. You want to know what’s really sexy? Doing the dishes.

3. Romantic Superfood Chocolate Strawberries
Picture this: You’re walking down the street and you smell a cacophony of tantalizing sweetness, flowering vanilla and sprinkle of joy. You follow your nose and find yourself being washed in the warmed air as you step through the storefront doors out of the cold, and your senses are immediately bombarded with indulgence in the most heavenly way. All your preconceived reservations regarding treats and health have flown out the window and you’re ready to make a purchase. Then it happens, you’re presented with a box of six strawberries dipped in white, milk and dark chocolate topped with colored sugar, chocolate shavings, and more drizzled chocolate. They’re beautiful, but the price tag screams $42… Forty. Two. Dollars.

For strawberries and chocolate? I don’t think so. For that price, you yourself could make two dozen, at least!

Aaaaaaand, on that note…

Here’s how you can make your very own for WAY less (it’s super easy), and you can arrange them in a bouquet. This recipe uses our Maca superfood, too, to enhance the flavor and health benefits. Enjoy!

4. Adventure Time!
What’s the best gift you can give? An experience.
The excitement, the planning, the adventure, the memories… an experience is a gift that will last a lifetime. So, why not make Valentine’s day something extra special and go on an adventure- take it outdoors! Find a hike you’ve been wanting to do and plan to picnic along the way. Or take it a step further and plan a backpacking or camping trip to a beautiful destination (Zion, Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, Yellowstone… just to name a few). You could even plan a day hike and end the day by going to a concert- get creative, go adventure, and make some memories- they last a lot longer than flowers and chocolate.

Another adventurous gift idea? You know, “adventure” doesn’t always mean a 10-day excursion through the wilderness. In fact, just trying something new can be quite the adventure all on its own! Plan a night out at a cooking class- it’s fun, you make your own food so you know what goes into it, you can mingle, or you can stay in a romantic bubble… your choice.

Think of something that you, as a couple, have always wanted to do and make the plans. Maybe you want to go on a scavenger hunt, take a ride in a hot air balloon, skydive, or go paintballing! Maybe you’re in dire need of a blanket fort and video games… The possibilities are endless, it’s up to you to decide!

5. Parent’s Day Off
Make some coupons for the ‘rents!
If you’re like me, you still get gifts on Valentines Day from “Cupid”… AKA Mom. Parent’s like gifts, too- even if they are homemade coupons for back rubs, breakfast in bed, and even a walk through the park… actually, those are probably some of the best gifts you can give.

Go ahead, make a coupon book, they’re gonna love it.

Want to give something a bit more grand? Plan an entire day off for them! Pick something they love- surfing, skiing, hiking, whatever is it have everything planned out from the second they leave the house to the second they hit the hay. Not having to plan anything on a day out can relieve so much stress and anxiety, and we all know stress and anxiety is NOT part of a healthy lifestyle.


Whatever you do- make it about connection, even if you opt for the traditional dinner and a movie. The “hallmark” of this holiday has been transformed into something commercial and fake, and it’s easy to get caught up in. If you plan on celebrating bring it back to what the day is supposed to be about: reminding that person that you love and care for them, their happiness, and are grateful to share your time, joy, and experiences with them.


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