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March 15, 2017
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Ingredient of the Week: Spirulina

Yo man! Whazzup, bro? How you doin’? ….How are my American greetings? …I think I’ll stick to my own sayings- Chef Bruv here, aaaaaand let’s learn about Spirulina!

Spirulina is an amazing Micro-Algae that is commonly grown in ponds, then collected, and dried. There is no other processing necessary. It is almost 50% protein by weight, so you can view it as a naturally nutrient enhanced protein powder and use it accordingly. As a stand alone ingredient it may not be as appealing to some as the rest of MRMs Superfood powders due to its vegetal taste. I mean, after all… it is an algae. With that being said, it acts as a flavorsome ingredient when mixed correctly and is, surprisingly- to me, quite tasty. For instance, take chocolate- It works heavenly with a nice chocolate tart, chocolate smoothie, or chocolate muffin. The rich Fats in the cocoa content seem to cut right through the vegetal taste of the spirulina and the spirulina lends a sweetness that actually works really well. This is the same for green vegetables and acidic ingredients, spirulina pairs very nicely. Pigging out on chocolate while increasing your nutritional intake? Yes please.

Flavor Profile – Vegetal, Algae aroma and taste
Works well with – Dark Chocolate, Cacao, Almond butters and milks, Lemon, lime, Green Vegetables

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