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April 12, 2017
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Ingredient Of The Week: Moringa

Hey, Chef Bruv here- I’m going to give you some tips on the fabulous moringa superfood powder and how to use it. The strong vegetal taste and smell throws some people off, but I urge you to try it- you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Moringa powder is made from ground slow dried moringa leaves. It contains protein, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and all of your essential amino acids. Moringa is becoming more popular due to the growth of its cultivation and sustainability. It has earthy aromas and gives off similar characteristics to that of spinach and seaweed. Great in both hot and cold recipes such as a dressing, salad, or even a soup or chowder. Acidity works great with moringa, as does fish. Sprinkle a Tbsp of Moringa over a pan seared piece of halibut and add a squeeze of lemon… perfection! If you’re not a fan of fish try making a fresh salad made of kale, hazelnut, and spinach with a lemon and moringa dressing, it truly is wonderful!

Flavor profile – Earthy, hint of dried seaweed, spinach, grassy
Works well with – Fish, creamy soups and chowders, green salads, acidity (Citrus fruits and vinegars)

Check out this recipe for Chickpea, Cilantro, and Moringa Pesto Veggie Burgers


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