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May 23, 2017
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Ingredient Of The Week: Sacha Inchi

Hi, Im Chris- or as I’m known around MRM, “Chef Bruv” (“Bruv” is european slang for brother, or “bro”). I’ve been experimenting with the amazing MRM Superfood line, and I’ve got something interesting for you today…

Ahhh the Peruvian “super” seed. Why “super” you ask? Well, how about the fact that the seed is a complete protein containing all beneficial fatty acids, vitamin E, as well as fibre?! I think that’s pretty super. Personally, to me, it’s just the best peanut powder out there even though it actually isn’t peanut! Confused yet? Me too! Sacha Inchi powder is made from the seed of a cultivated Peruvian plant, so its not really a nut! But it resembles that amazing aroma of freshly toasted peanuts. So an easy way to figure out how to use this powder… put it with anything you may use peanut butter for- which means you have a lot of options! Side note: if you’re a fan of asian cuisine this is a great ingredient to enhance your favorite asian dishes. Making a satay sauce? Add a teaspoon of Sacha Inchi. Vegetable Stir fry? Sprinkle a tablespoon over your garlic and ginger! Or how about a peanut butter smoothie? Yup thats right, add a heap of Sacha Inchi.

Flavor profile – Peanut, Roasted Aroma, Slightly oily
Works well with – Peanut butter, Ginger, Garlic, Chili, Dark chocolate, Olive oils, Almond milk, Dates and other dried fruits.

Check out this great recipe for Maca Root Chicken Cacciatore



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