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January 31, 2017
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Justine Piepgrass – #TellUsYourStory

I wanted to share my success story. I’m a stay at home mom to 3 great kids, as are a lot of my friends. It can be challenging to find time to work out with so many littles at home. And right a long with that comes stress eating (for every mom out there you know what I mean 😉). Plus you are giving so much of yourself to your family having extra for you is challenging to find. At 28 I had just had my son and wasn’t doing terribly health wise, in comparison to previous years, but I wasn’t doing any exercise and wasn’t concerned with what I was eating. I weighed about 165lbs on my 5’9 frame but more importantly I just wasn’t taking the care of myself I needed. (My heaviest I was 190 in high school and have always been overweight)

The absolute best thing happened to me, a friend invited me to join a “healthy living” challenge. A group of us got together, each putting in $20, each committing to being healthier. Typically the focus was on drinking water, eating fruits and veggies, and staying active. The first challenge was hard. It was hard because every single check box was something new for me, I had to learn how to change my whole lifestyle. I didn’t do very well and probably even gave up half way. BUT it sparked something!

In 2 years I’ve been apart of probably 6 challenges and each and every time, with the new support and push, and focus, I’ve been able to slowly but surely change my lifestyle. Each challenge got easier, each and every time it was less of a change from my normal because I had continued the same healthy choices from the last challenge.

As of today, I’m now 145lbs, my body fat percentage has come down, I almost have a six pack (mother of 3 here including twins!), my energy is amazing, I rarely feel tired, I eat fruits and veggies to my hearts content, we have cut out sugar (except a weekly family treat), and my mood is improved. I’ll never go back!

I’m so grateful for all the other moms who helped me get here, for each and every one of those several “challenges” because each one was a small step closer to a new me, a healthier, better me! ❤

We want to celebrate your lifestyle achievements- whether you’ve ran your first half marathon, overcome a nasty injury, had a weight loss transformation, improved your mental health, or something else entirely that has taken hard work, motivation, and commitment. We would love to tell the world about what you have accomplished and how you have figured out a way to make your journey a positive one. Share a photo and your story with us by using the hashtag #tellusyourstory on Instagram or Facebook to let us know who you are and how MRM has helped to change your life!


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