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April 4, 2017
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We Love National Parks, How About You?!

It only seems right that National Parks Week occurs in the same month as Earth Day- April. In honor of this Earth loving month we wanted to give you some history on the National Park Service…

Up until 1916 there was no Natoional Parks Service, before then each park was independently managed. The NPS was established on August 25, 1916 with the proposal originally set in motion by Stephen Mather and J.Horace McFarland.

The NPS is charged with preserving the ecological and historical integrity of each place entrusted to it- including memorials and monuments. Not only is it the job of the NPS to preserve these beautiful sights, but that are also in charge of making them available with ease of access to the public to use and enjoy.

The NPS employs approximately 21,650 people and oversees 417 properties of which 59 are designated national parks. The rest of the properties consist of war sites, memorials, and national monuments.

Did you know Yellowstone was the first official national park? It was followed next by Yosemite National Park… both beautiful and deserving of the National Park title, no doubt.

The best part about National Park Week? Visiting National Parks are free for the weekends souring the week! That means you can visit a national park, for free, on April 15-16 AND April 22-23 this year!

We fully recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to explore any of these national treasures near you- get outside and move your body, listen to the sounds of nature, and absorb the beautiful scenery while you remind yourself how lucky you are to live in a world where such natural beauty exists.

The MRM team will be celebrating National Parks Week and Earth Day in Zion National Park, Utah with our good friend Natalie Hodson and the amazing crew from Camp Chef. We are working on a project that we can’t wait to share with you- healthy meals for camping! We will have recipes and healthy food insights from Natalie, Chris- our in-house chef, and some other health obsessed foodies who work with us to bring you multiple meal options and hopefully inspire some of your own creative camp meal ideas! Camp Chef is providing us with everything we need for an amazing camp kitchen so we can keep ourselves fueled after working through some amazing  and challenging hiking trails.

Again, we urge you to take advantage of this incredible National Parks Week and Weekends ahead- whether you simply visit a park to sit and enjoy a picnic, go on a simple one mile hike, or go backpacking for the entire week we would love to hear about your adventure! Go ahead and tell us your favorite National Park adventure story, you may just inspire others to do go an adventure, too. Use our hashtag #TellUsYourStory to be entered for a chance to win $200 worth of MRM Product and be features on our social media pages!

So tell us… how will you celebrate National Parks Week?


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