St. Paddy’s Day Soup
Happy St. Paddy's day! If you are searching the internet for a green recipe to make then look no further. This simple and delicious recipe will surely please the crowd and your stomach. It's packed with fresh vegetables, omega fats, and fiber. The avocado adds a great creamy texture. There's no need to follow the end of the rainbow for a pot of gold when you have this rich soup.
20 minutes


Cinnamon Bun Cauliflower Oats

This recipe is a great substitute for your morning oats when you're looking to try something new or lower your overall carb intake but are scared of too much change.…
Cinnamon Bun Peanut Butter Protein Waffles

Is there ever a bad day for waffles? I don’t think so! These are packed with protein, fiber, and tons of flavors. The cinnamon bun protein adds a nice fall…
Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is a traditional part of Thanksgiving dinner, but you don’t have to get it from a can. Use this recipe so you can make your own sauce and…
15 minutes
Sacha Inchi Thai Soup

This soup not only tastes ah-mazing, but it is brimming with incredible benefits from the MRM Raw Organic Sacha Inchi Superfood Powder. Sacha Inchi is a complete protein and contains…
4 hours
Mesquite Spiced Butternut Squash Soup

Slightly spiced and extremely enjoyable, this MRM Raw Organic Mesquite Superfood Powder enhanced soup is one for the books! Hearty, warming, and nutrient rich, this soup is great for a…
30 Minutes
Fig And Maca Truffles

Think of these as grown up "Fig Newtons"... covered in chocolate. Yea, they're really good. Mac is an adaptogenic root that provides vital nutrients all while tasting incredibly rich and…
50 Minutes
Super Green Matcha Smoothie

There’s never a bad time for a fresh smoothie! This green goodness is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and potassium. The Matcha green tea adds great flavor and contains…
5-10 Minutes
Black Rice Pudding

Enjoy this decadent rice pudding while enjoying the benefits from an amazing superfood- MRM Black Rice Powder. Black Rice Powder contains protein, fiber, and antioxidants taking this pudding from a…
30 Minutes
Black Rice & Beef Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed bell peppers hold a lot more than just some tasty food- they’re packed with the health benefits from MRM Raw Sprouted Black Rice Superfood Powder. The black rice,…
40 Minutes
Sacha Inchi Cookie Dough

Cookie dough, we all know it's amazing but we also know we're not supposed to eat it until the dough has actually been cooked. Well... not anymore! This cookie dough…
35 Minutes
Spirulina Ganache Bars

Chocolate and spirulina... we know, sounds weird! Trust us- this is delicious! Healthy dessert bars that pack a punch of protein and essential vitamins and minerals without tasting like your…
30 Minutes, 2 Hours Chill Time
Red Beet Bark

In the mood for a holiday treat but don't want to deal with all of the processed junk and additives that usually accompany it? We have your answer right here:…
1.5 Hours

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