October 31, 2015
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Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid


Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid

  • Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid supports optimal bone health
  • Enhanced delivery system for maximum absorption
  • Supplies supplementary magnesium and zinc required for optimal calcium metabolism
  • Easy to swallow calcium supplement
Product Details

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Product Description

Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid offers three essential minerals (calcium, magnesium and zinc) in perfect ratios plus additional minerals vital for optimal bone health. Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid also contains Vitamin D3, an important component in managing optimal bone metabolism.  Unlike other dosage forms that may be difficult to assimilate, our liquid delivery system offers optimal absorption and maximum benefits.
Calcium is the main mineral that makes up your bones. It adds strength and rigidity to bones, which is needed to support the body. It is estimated that almost 100% of women and 90-95% of men over the age of 50 in the United States fail to consume optimal levels of dietary calcium. When you don’t consume enough calcium in your diet to maintain sufficient levels in the bloodstream, your body draws the calcium it requires from your bones. The result is decreased bone density and an increased risk of fragility and fractures.

Magnesium is also an essential mineral for normal skeletal development. It influences mineral and matrix metabolism in bone by a combination of effects on hormones and other factors that regulate skeletal, mineral metabolism, and by direct effects on bone itself. Approximately 60% of the body’s magnesium is located in bone. Several studies indicate that the standard American diet is deficient in magnesium and may contribute to bone degeneration.  Magnesium activates the enzyme alkaline phosphatase, which is necessary for calcium bone re-absorption (increase in bone density).

Zinc is needed for the synthesis of some amino acids used in the formation of collagen protein, which is the base of bone, onto which calcium is deposited. A zinc deficiency will seriously impede bone building and bone strength.

Finally, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and its active metabolite 1,25-(OH)2D3 (calcitrol) is a well established regulator of bone mineral balance. Vitamin D3 is necessary to ensure proper serum levels of calcium and phosphate. This is essential for promoting optimal bone development. Clinical trials have demonstrated that supplementing with vitamin D3 can significantly improve bone density.

What is the daily suggested use?
Take 1-2 tablespoons daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.  This product may be mixed with milk or juice.
What is the safe age for people to use this product?
While this product is formulated for adults, it may be used by children at reduced dose according to body weight.  Children should use 1-2 teaspoons daily or as directed by their healthcare professional.  This product may be mixed with milk or juice.
Is this product safe for consumption while pregnant or nursing?
While calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements are generally safe during pregnancy you should check with your healthcare provider before making a decision for your specific situation. Disclaimer: If you are pregnant or nursing MRM does recommend informing your healthcare provider of any supplement you take or plan to take.


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