Vegan Joint Synergy™ Strengthen

    • Supports healthy joint structure*
    • Reduces stiffness and discomfort*
    • Ideal joint formula for an active vegan lifestyle**
    • Contains Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and MSM for complete structural support**
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Product Description

Vegan Joint Synergy® Strengthen is designed to support healthy joint structure by providing a number of the key nutrients that have been shown to be important for joint health. Improving joint structure can lead to reduced stiffness and discomfort. Joint formulas often utilize animal-base ingredients making them inappropriate for those who are committed to a vegan lifestyle, so MRM has formulated this product with sensitivity to those requirements.

Vegan Joint Synergy® Strengthen is the ideal companion product to both Vegan Joint Synergy® Motion and Joint Synergy® + Topical Roll-On. Joint Synergy + Topical Roll-On provides immediate topical, localized relief on which the benefits of Vegan Joint Synergy® Strengthen can build.

MRM’s Vegan Joint Synergy® Strengthen is a vegan-friendly product for joint health. Joint Synergy® Strengthen provides support for an active lifestyle, including reducing joint discomfort and providing key nutrients for preventative joint maintenance.** These include: Glucosamine Sulphate (one of the most widely used joint support ingredients and the only form of glucosamine shown to be effective for joint support), Hyaluronic Acid (a unique non-sulphated amino glycan has been shown to improve joint fluid quality),  and MSM (an organic sulphur source for complete structural support).

What is the daily suggested use?
Take 3 capsules daily with a meal, or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.