HFX Hydration Factor®

  • Total body hydration is a major factor in total health, performance and recovery.
  • Drinking the commonly recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day may not ensure deep tissue hydration and will not replenish lost electrolytes.
  • Hydration Factor® X (HFX™) was developed and scientifically formulated to be the most effective way to ensure the water you drink provides your body with overall hydration and replacement of lost electrolytes.**
  • Supporting cellular hydration is the single greatest step anyone can take toward improving energy, wellness and endurance.**

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Product Description

It is important to start and finish your day with water. Your body loses water during the day when you perspire, urinate and via respiration. Even when sleeping, your body loses water through breath and sweat. Hydration Factor® X is a revolutionary new product designed to optimize hydration and combat dehydration.* Unlike typical flavored electrolyte drinks, Hydration Factor® X offers increased intracellular uptake (fluid into the cell), as well as an appropriate amount of electrolytes.* The key ingredient to Hydration Factor™ is Cell Hydrator™, a proprietary blend of Betaine anhydrous and three common American herbs; sarsaparilla, slippery elm, and goldenseal, when combined in precise proportions trigger a synergistic hydration effect.

Hydration Factor™X was investigated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. Participant hydration levels were assessed using the latest in Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, participant questionnaires and daily records. Significant differences were found between the Hydration Factor™ versus the placebo results. Hydration Factor™ consumption resulted in both an increase in Total Body Water (TBW) and Intracellular Fluid (ICF). Correct hydration is dependent on cellular uptake of water, not simply the quantity of water that you drink [and just drinking water is not sufficient to ensure optimal hydration in all situations]. To optimize the uptake of water and help reset the thirst reflex, add Hydration Factor™ to water for a refreshing beverage that can quickly help you reach optimal hydration.

What is the daily suggested use?
Add one serving (scoop) to 16 oz of water.  For detailed usage suggestions for training, competition, and recovery see www.hydrationfactor.com/band
What is the safe age for people to use this product?
While this product is designed for use by adults, it can be used by children at reduced dose according to body weight.
Is this product safe for consumption while pregnant or nursing?
HFX is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. MRM does recommend informing your doctor of any supplement you take or plan to take if you are pregnant or nursing.