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October 3, 2017
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The Super Guide To Superfoods

Superfoods- they’re everywhere and the world can’t seem to get enough of them. You may be wondering what exactly makes a superfood so… “super”. We understand, and we’ve got your answers!

While there are a number of different definitions floating around, they all have something in common- Superfoods are extremely nutrient dense and unprocessed. This makes superfoods able to provide you with a substantial amount of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and a myriad of other vital nutrients in very small serving sizes. So, superfoods give your body a huge boost in nutrients in a very small dose making them very efficient and cost-effective. They may not seem cost effective when purchasing your first bag, but eventually, you’ll notice that you only use a superfood about a teaspoon at a time, so that bag will actually last you a few months if you use it every day!

Now, superfoods don’t just show up in powders. There are many “health” foods that are also considered everyday foods- like spinach, kale, berries, nuts seeds, fish, and other fruits and vegetables. These are also considered superfoods because of their natural nutrient dense profiles in their organic state- they’re not processed, and they don’t contain any additives, saturated fats, or artificial ingredients. Just because these superfoods are easy to come by in your local market doesn’t mean their “superfood status” should be lowered. Eat good, unprocessed, nutrient dense food and you’re more than on the right path to becoming your healthiest self.

One thing to remember about any exotic superfood, or any superfood that comes as a powder, you ought to treat these just as supplements. Yes, they’re ridiculously good for you, and you should have a little every day, but they’re not the cure-all for any disease and they’re not meant to replace any food in your diet. They’re made available to supplement your diet and help you to meet nutritional needs along with healthy, balanced meals.

We carry a ton of superfoods! They are all raw, certified vegan, certified gluten-free, and Non-GMO verified. Most are also certified USDA Organic as well! We are able to carry such high-quality ingredients because we source everything ourselves- we have no middleman or other company who produces our superfoods- or any other product for that matter- for us. We are in control from seed to soil, to shelf- meaning we are truly able to control every part of the process from growing the crops to packaging them. Our products really are of the highest quality, we make sure of it.

Heres a brief description of each of our superfoods:

Organic Detox & Cleanse Superfood Powder
This is a gentle, yet powerful (Don’t worry- this isn’t a laxative like many “detox” and “weight-loss” teas that are out there) formula designed to support your body’s natural detoxing processes. The combination of specific superfoods, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices provides antioxidants, electrolytes, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin which are known to increase blood flow and support the organs responsible for naturally detoxing your body: liver, kidneys, and intestines.
Safe to use every day, and be drank alone in cold water or added to your favorite smoothie or juice.

Organic Clean Energy Superfood Powder
This formula was developed for those who desire a cleaner way to get a boost of energy. It is made with adaptogenic herbs, superfoods, fruits, vegetables, teas, and a potent medicinal mushroom (Cordyceps militaris) to provide antioxidants, electrolytes, and naturally occurring caffeine. Clean energy provides sustained energy that you can enjoy without the jitters or a crash. Clean Energy is perfect for a great tasting, natural alternative to sugar and stimulant laden energy drinks and is safe to use every day! Use alone in cold water, or in your favorite smoothie or juice for the perfect morning or midday energy boost.

Turmeric Superfood Powder
Turmeric has been used in both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory, to treat digestive and liver problems, skin issues, and topically assist in wound healing. Curcumin, the major active compound in Turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant, lowers the levels of two important enzymes in the body that cause inflammation, and stops platelets from clumping together to form blood clots. Turmeric is a simple, convenient way to introduce an effective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant food into your diet. The flavor pairs well with many vegetables, eggs, meat, rice, pasta, and can be used sparingly with fruits- it’s great sprinkled on top of some cold pineapple!

Maca Superfood Powder
Maca root is a unique, complete food. It contains glucosinolates, sulfur-containing compounds with potent adaptogenic effects. It is also rich in calcium and potassium with trace elements of iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, contains both essential and non-essential fatty acids, and 19 amino acids! Being an adaptogenic root is Maca’s primary value- adaptogens greatly improve your body’s ability to adapt to stress, whether physical or environmental. Maca imparts metabolic strength, energy, endurance, mental clarity, and has been traditionally consumed to boost stamina and virility.

Matcha Green Tea Superfood Powder
Matcha is an imperial grade green tea that is shade grown for weeks before harvesting to boost chlorophyll production. Only the top three tea leaves on the plants are hand-picked – they are considered more nutrient dense and of higher quality- then de-stemmed, and deveined before being stone grown into a fine powder to be consumed. By consuming the entire leaves that have been rendered into a powder you are ingesting all antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fiber that the plant has to offer. L-theanine works with the body to help regulate how caffeine is processed helping to make sure you experience no crash or jitters from the caffeine in the tea. Read more about our amazing Matcha powder and it’s myriad of health benefits here.

Spirulina Superfood Powder
Spirulina is a blue-green algae that has been cultivated and used as a complete food for thousands of years. It provides complete protein with all essential amino acids and abundant amounts of many vitamins and minerals- think 2.5x the % day amount of Vitamin A and a significant amount of iron in a highly bioavailable form (making this a great supplement to ensure adequate intake for vegans or those living more of a plant-based lifestyle). Spirulina is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Lucuma Superfood Powder
Lucuma is sweet but has a low glycemic index- meaning it increases blood sugar slowly and steadily without the typical spike seen with most common sugars and high glycemic foods. It provides many nutrients, like beta-carotene, iron, zinc, Vitamin B3, calcium, and protein! The fruit has long been rumored to aid in fertility and is a Peruvian symbol of fertility. It has also long been said to aid in healing wounds and speeds up wound closure making it a powerful healer with the purported antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. Lucuma is a great sweetener alternative with a sweet, light maple taste.

Red Beet Superfood Powder
Red beets get their beautiful color from a unique group of antioxidants called betacyanins, they have the ability to neutralize harmful and damaging molecules called free radicals. These uncommon antioxidants are being researched for protection against oxidative stress-related disorders. Along with those special antioxidants red beets also contain betaine and nitrates, the reason they’re being studied for possible support of cardiovascular health and energy. Red Beet Powder is a versatile ingredient for both savory and sweet recipes.

Moringa Superfood Powder
Moringa has been consumed and used for therapeutic benefit for centuries in Africa and Asia, as the leaves, pods, seeds, and even roots are edible. This extremely sustainable plant- it grows very rapidly and is drought tolerant- contains protein, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and has a high chlorophyll content (it can be up to 4x that of wheatgrass!). Moringa is about 30% complete protein and 40% fiber and is known to help support bone density and proper electrolyte balance.

Sacha Inchi Superfood Powder
Sacha Inchi is a great plant source of complete protein and beneficial fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9. Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to help with cardiovascular support and the promote heart health. Sacha Inchi also contains antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, and calcium and a valuable fiber content. It is a great way to incorporate more protein into your diet, especially those who consume a vegan or vegetarian type diet. The flavor is similar to that of peanuts and is a delicious addition to any recipe, sweet or savory, where a clean, nutty flavor is desired- we love it in smoothies and “peanut” sauce!

Baobab Superfood Powder
Baobab fruit naturally dries on the tree where the delicious and citrusy fruit pulp is protected in its hard, inedible shell. The powder offers valuable fiber and antioxidants beneficial to a healthy lifestyle with lots of Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These macrominerals are important electrolytes which our body needs to help support and maintain our structural systems- like muscle and bone health. Baobab is sweet, tangy, and great for adding to yogurt, smoothies, drinks, and baked goods for a delicious treat. With its fiber content including pectin, it can even be used to thicken jams, jellies, hot cereals, and soups!

Mesquite Superfood Powder
Mesquite is a great source of protein providing the useful amino acids that our body needs for numerous functions. Mesquite also contains potassium, calcium, and iron- these minerals help to properly supper our bones and muscle health and in addition are great electrolytes. Potassium assists in proper fluid balance and muscle and nerve function while calcium supports bone and immune system health. Iron help energy metabolism and is part of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. Mesquite has a sweet, nutty flavor that makes for a great addition to both sweet and savory meals- like a chocolate smoothie or a rub for chicken!


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