Tiffany Boydston
February 24, 2016
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Surviving the 2016 bounce back…

The holidays have come and gone. New years goals are in full force – or are they? Getting back into your healthy life style might be harder then you thought. Time after time we have an indulgence meal… or 2. Many of us find it hard to get back on track after so much time being “off track.” Also, many feel like the have mentally and physically set their selves back a month. Well first off it takes 3500 calories to gain 1 lb. So if you gained 4 lbs. over night it’s just water retaining from the sodium and carbs. Unless you parked at McDonalds and ate there all day -then you may have a problem.

One thing to remember is to always allow yourself to enjoy foods. Get creative with your healthy dishes. This creativity will help curve your cravings any foods that nutritionally will not benefit you in any way. I know when I go out to have an occasional pizza or dessert I get upset. Upset knowing that with a few little tweaks, it could of been much better and clean.

Your biggest obstacle is your mind. You have to mentally tell yourself to get back on your clean eating staples. Do NOT say DIET! This is a lifestyle and you choose to eat this way. I love knowing that eating clean just benefits my energy, stamina, and endurance. What I put inside- just makes it that much better on the outside.

Surviving the bounce back tips:

Be prepared: Prepare your meals in advance. Have all your meal set out for thee weeks. This helps you stay on track and always be ready. This way you do not slip if you do not have your meals ready to go. I’ve been known to be that girl in the middle of a meeting to bust out her food. Nothing gets in my way of wanting the best for my body and health. I make muffins and protein bars for on the go snacks (recipe will be posted for my MRM Superfood protein bars).

Write it down: Buy a journal. Write down what your weight is and where you want to be. When and if you slip and have an “off meal” write down how it made you feel and if it was worth it. This will help remind you that it really wasn’t worth mentally beating yourself up over.

Set a goal: I would be nothing with out a goal. I always love kicking my own butt to be better. You are your number one competition. Once you beat yourself -the win is more valuable then you could have ever imagined. There is something about proving something to yourself that is precious. Knowing you are the one who did this and no one but YOU made it happen.

Get creative: Start making your meals fun! Go to healthy recipe websites and get ideas. One thing I love about clean meals is that you can pretty much turn anything your craving into a healthy dish. Just flip a few ingredients and your good to go.

Make Smarter Choices: Do not deprive yourself and become a hermit when switching back to your healthy way of life. GO OUT! Enjoy dinner with friends just be sure to say hold the butter and sauce. Grill, poach, steam is your best friend when dining out also try to season with salsa, balsamic vinegar, pepper, low sodium soy sauce and lemons.

Remember, not to become a prisoner and just stick to plain and simple. Unless – this works for you. However, for most we get bored and that’s when we tend to over indulge. Doing these few things have helped me stay on track and successfully at that, besides who wants to have sleepovers on the stair master. Eat clean and stay positive! You have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to!


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