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January 12, 2017
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#TellUsYourStory – Cali Nieto

Cali Nieto

I was introduced to MRM recently after attending a workout at the Platinum OCR Training Facility. MRM was there and generously supplied everyone at the training with awesome goodies bags with some swag and single use packs of their products.

Before hearing about MRM, I had been interested in incorporating BCAA’s after my workouts during the week to help with muscle soreness and recovery. After doing some researching online of other brands with BCAA products I was noticing that most if not all had a lot of added chemicals, some of which I could not pronounce. I tried out the sample of MRM’s BCAA+G Reload Island Fusion and loved the taste right off the bat but I also loved that the flavoring was all-natural and the mixture didn’t contain a bunch of added chemicals or sugar. I am also allergic to peanuts/tree nuts so I was impressed that their formula didn’t contain any peanut/tree nut ingredients, when many other brands do!

I have since purchased a container of the MRM’s BCAA+G Reload and use it regularly after my workouts. I have noticed great results when it comes to reducing my soreness after an intense workout. It’s great because I can keep training and not take as many rest days due to muscle soreness. This product will definitely be a staple in my workout recovery!



We want to hear your story, whether it’s similar to Cali’s and about a small change you made in what you eat or supplement with, or if you’ve made a huge change in your fitness, lifestyle, diet, friends, whatever! Tell us your story!


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