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January 4, 2017
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We want to celebrate your lifestyle achievements- whether you’ve ran your first half marathon, overcome a nasty injury, had a weight loss transformation, improved your mental health, or something else entirely that has taken hard work, motivation, and commitment. We would love to tell the world about what you have accomplished and how you have figured out a way to make your journey a positive one. Share a photo and your story with us by using the hashtag #tellusyourstory on Instagram or Facebook to let us know who you are and how MRM has helped to change your life!

We consider all of our customers’ family, and our goal is to help motivate others to accomplish their goals. We’ll be sharing the most inspiring entries on our social media channels and website. While your experience is unique to you there are many other people out there who need to hear that they are not alone in their personal struggle. This is an opportunity to realize not only how far you have come, but to inspire others to rise up in hard times of their own. Your story and your journey is a valid and important one, know that we appreciate you. Please reach out, we want to hear from you- tell us your story!

Here are some amazing stories, enjoy!

Rustin Hughes

Rustin Hughes is a U.S. Army Veteran who served with Bravo Company 2-63 Armor Regiment. He was honorably discharged in 1997. Upon the end of his military service, Rustin returned briefly to his home state of Nebraska before moving to Colorado.


In 2003, Rustin married Brandy Schott. It was through his marriage that Rustin saw courage on display, as Brandy battled brain cancer for over ten years. After Brandy’s passing, Rustin decided to pursue his passion in culinary arts, capitalizing on the G.I. Bill to pursue training at the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder Colorado. Plans abruptly changed, as soon after graduating Rustin suffered intense pain in his right leg. He immediately traveled to the VA in Denver Colorado where he would learn of a massive blood clot that left him few options. He elected to have his leg removed, a bold decision that has changed the course of his life.
Rustin’s intense focus on health allowed him to excel in his rehab and therapy. Rustin has become a champion for amputee athletes, illustrating his ability to continue as a TRX trainer, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and when the opportunity presents itself, reliving his MMA days.

Rustin is inspired to be bold, using his setbacks as motivation to inspire other amputees. Rustin also intends to work with amputees to develop personalized diet and fitness programs catered to their unique needs. He currently resides in Fort Collins, CO with his friends and dog Rulon.

Kristofer Raycraft


I have always been into some form of fitness or another throughout my life. I have a third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do Karate and have trained (on and off) almost 30 years. Last October, a friend of mine introduced me to a little thing called Spartan OCR. I completed my first Sprint that following December and was immediately addicted. The same friend invited me to do my first workout with Nicole and team and again, I was hooked. Over the 2016 Spartan Season I completed 4 trifectas and am currently ranked 67th in the world in my age group. A number I am proud of considering my recent introduction to this crazy sport. Two of my trifectas were earned by doing back to back Beasts in Hawaii. I have MRM Hydration Factor to thank for my success there as it made my camel pack a potent, anti-cramping, personal hydration station. Being in the 40 and above age group, it is important to take any healthy advantage one can get their hands on. I recently had the chance to give the Strawberry Whey Protein a try and I seriously loved it with my almond milk. I am definitely investing in more of that! I have also tried the Tropical MRM Recovery and think it is superior to any of my prior recovery samplings on the market. So many people seek a fountain of youth. I like to think I found mine through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Although I have some mini vices, I know MRM will help me on my way to beast mode.

Thank you for all the support! We will continue to share these stories and make sure to #TellUsYourStory!

Healthy Wishes,
MRM Family


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