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March 22, 2016
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What My Kid’s Eat in a Typical Day: Our Nutritionist Reveals his Kids’ Diet

As a Registered Dietitian and dad working in the sports performance industry, I meet parents all the time that ask me what I feed my kids to keep them healthy and thriving. It’s a very valid question since we live in a world where both parents and kids have fully packed calendars. So, how do we fuel our children so they keep focused, maintain their endurance and stay happy and healthy throughout the day?

My answer to this common question is always the same. Make sure your kids eat a diet that consists of protein, fats and fiber. Be cautious of foods that are high in carbohydrates, which ultimately break down into sugar, and try to avoid highly processed food. A typical food day for my kids is actually not that different than my own. Here’s an example:

• 2 eggs scrambled with crispy thick bacon and high fiber english muffin (sugar free jelly)
• 1 scoop protein powder with 10 oz almond milk and 2 tbsp almond butter
• 20 almonds and Power crunch bar

• Lean Turkey sandwich (1 slice high fiber bread) with mustard/20 almonds/pretzels or chip and 2-3 cookies
• Lean ground turkey with green beans, black beans and Parmesan
• Chicken tenders with broccoli and shells and cheese

• 20 almonds and Power crunch bar
• High fiber tortilla with Nutella/Almond butter
• Pretzels and 1-2 cheese sticks

• Lean ground turkey/chicken with green beans, black beans and Parmesan
• Grilled Chicken Caesar salad with EXTRA Parmesan
• Lean Burger Patty with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and broccoli

As you’ll see from the sample above, my kids have cookies. I also feed them meals that are convenient and simple to make. It is not about over complicating things, following the latest fad diet, or depriving kids of what they love. It’s about understanding what makes a growing body run most efficiently, slowing down the transit time it takes food to go from the stomach to the small intestine and making sure that your child gets the proper nutrients to stay healthy and happy.


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