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June 16, 2017
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You Get What You Train For

There is something very simple, yet very important, that many people don’t seem to understand- You get what you train for most of the time!

This concept is properly known as “The Principle of Specificity: The SAID Principle”. SAID= Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands… I know, quite the mouthful! Basically, this means that the body will specifically adapt to the type of demand placed on it- so if you constantly lift heavy, you will produce higher levels of maximal strength whereas another person who consistently lifts lighter weight at higher reps will produce higher levels of muscular endurance.

Now, what this means is that if you really want to do a pull up and you train heavy squats every day… all you’ll be able to do really well is squat. If you want to do a pull up, you need to train those muscles in the motion of a pull up! sounds pretty simple- right? It is.

Many women, and men, are running around following fitness advice blindly. Now, while there are hundreds of thousands of qualified trainers out there not all of them train for the body type you might want. There are two ways to figure out how you ought to train: 1. You have a performance goal, like running a marathon or competing in olympic lifting. 2. You have a physical or aesthetic goal, as in you want to look similar to a certain fit individual. Figure out what you want, and then go from there.

If you want to run your first marathon, start running. Find a friend who is a runner ask them for advice on how to start, search marathon training guides online, and/or pick a personal trainers brain about how to train for a long run. If you want to lift really heavy find someone who lifts heavy! Ask them for advice and do some research on proper technique and form. Once you know what you want to do, do just that! Everyone has to start out small, if you want to run a marathon but can only run for 5 minutes, that’s great! Just keep training… as long as you are training to run most of the time, you will soon become a very good runner.

The same goes for an aesthetic body goal- if you have the desire to have the same body type as someone you see at the gym, watch how they workout. If they’re built and curvy chances are they lift, and they lift heavy. If you want to look long and lean research and learn about different ways you can train at the gym to get that long and lean dancers physique.

Decide what you want, and then do that. Remember: You get what you train for MOST of the time. Most being the key word- you wan tot run, run… and do a bit of weight training to supplement your goals, but run most of the time.

Apply this to everything you do- work or fitness related, and you’ll start to climb that ladder of success, no doubt!


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